If you are an avid reader or have friends that love books you’ve no doubt seen the endless memes about “book boyfriends” and being devastated at the end of a book.  If for some reason you’ve been living on the moon and missed them completely, here are a couple.

Do you relate?  As a reader I certainly do.  And as a writer, I do as well, but in a different way.  I never really thought about why we get so attached to not just the stories writer’s spin, but the characters within those stories.  Then, the other day, I was scrolling facebook an up popped a meme with this saying “I don’t fall in love with faces, I fall in love with souls.”

It had nothing to do with books at all, and I hadn’t even been thinking about books… yet as I read the quote, IT HIT ME.  Fiction writers don’t just tell stories.  They create universes, worlds within those universes, and souls to inhabit those worlds.

We get as attached to characters as we do real people because they are real people…at least in the minds of the writers. If a writer does their job right… they breathe life into the characters and they become real to those who read them.  That is why we become so invested in their lives and are so devastated to leave them when the story is over.

So, if you are a fiction writer, whenever you are feeling down or frustrated (because we all know that the publishing industry is really tough), remember… you have the power to create worlds & souls and even more…you have the power to touch lives.