This is My Body

Women Talk About Their Relationships With Their Bodies

Have you ever struggled with your body image or felt as if you don’t measure up?  If you said yes, you are not alone.

In “This is My Body” women share their deepest truths about their relationships with their bodies and their journeys to self-acceptance and love.  These stories are  poignant and easy to relate to.



“I will be turning 50 this year. I weigh around 250 and really wanted to lose over 100 pounds before my birthday but that isn’t happening…” READ MORE OF THIS STORY IN “THIS IS MY BODY”

“I honestly struggle with loving myself each and every day. Most days I don’t love anything about myself, but other days it’s easier to find something about myself that I like. While growing up, I was told I wasn’t good enough, and that has been deeply ingrained into my very soul…” READ MORE OF THIS STORY IN “THIS IS MY BODY”