Romancing Lorelei

Oak Hollow #2

Lorelei Graham hates camping and has a specific set of rules she likes to live by, which includes no sex until at least the third date. But when she meets Kaden McAllister, all of her rules fly out the window. Costumes, wine, and a candlelit tent bring to life fantasies she never knew she had … at least until morning dawns…

She doesn’t believe in love…He fell in love at first sight.

The moment he laid eyes on her, Kaden McAllister knew there was something special about Lorelei. After spending one incredible night with her, he knew he wanted her in his life. But the next morning she was gone, without even giving him her last name. When he finally finds her can he convince her there can be much more between them than sex?

Lorelei Graham isn’t interested in falling in love with anyone, ever. Yet, she can’t deny that something deeper lurks beneath the intense sexual attraction that sizzles between her and Kaden, She agrees to get to know him, but can she put her past behind her and open herself up to the possibilities of love?

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