My husband and I recently underwent a lifestyle change.  NOT the fake kind that is really just a code word for “diet”.  No, this was a real lifestyle change, in that our entire lives changed.  We went from living in a dilapidated, falling down single wide trailer that had black mold and holes in the walls straight through to the metal, to living in a small, cozy,  home that is perfect for the two of us and our four furbabies.  The move took us from Tennessee to Florida so that we now are still in a state of culture shock, but absolutely in love with our new home.  Especially the weather.

As we settle into our life changes, it has become abundantly clear that it is time for some changes in my writing career as well.  As you may know, if you follow me on social media, I spent the entirety of last year focusing on my part as 1/2 of the co-writing team of S.J. Noble.  Last year my beautiful and talented co-author and I–as S.J. Noble–published four books between May and December.  While we do have one last book in the series to get out and another planned, my co-author is also going through some time-consuming life changes and we have decided to step back from S.J. Noble for six months.

When that decision was made I was happy to get back over to me, as June, and get writing my own stuff again.  But that’s when I realized I have no idea what that is.  You see, I’ve woefully neglected my blog, newsletter, and readers for over a year.  I haven’t published anything, either fiction or non-fiction in my own name in nearly two years.  And, my Paranorm World series is at the end of the contract and the rights have reverted back to me, so they aren’t even in ebook at the moment (you can still get them in audio and print).

I’m not going to lie, I felt a little lost and like a failure when I realized all of this.  But then I straightened up and looked around my office (I actually have one now–it’s not just my living room recliner! yay!) and realized that this was perfect.  I have the opportunity to regroup and refocus my career in the way that is best for me.  It’s a little daunting, and I’m not 100% sure where to start, but I do know that the most important thing I want and need to do is to reconnect with YOU, my ever faithful readers.  So, I will be working on a new book, but in the meantime, I will be refocusing a lot of my energy on my blog and newsletter. (I will be posting exclusive stuff via my newsletter, so make sure you sign up.)

But now I need your help.  I can’t keep talking about the same 6 or 7 books forever.  I both need and want to explore more topics.  I’m interested in so much.  As you may know, I also design greeting cards, websites, and consult for authors.  But I also have other interests like cooking, romance in all its forms (books & movies), and the list could go on.  I would love to have YOUR feedback as to what kind of topics you’d like to see covered here.

I definitely plan to talk some about our new life and settling in, and you may see a recipe here or there.  I want to get back to talking about books and movies, but I’m not planning to become a reviewer again.  Instead, I would rather talk about vintage books I love (published 5 years or more ago…but probably much longer) and whatever romantic or mystery or sci-fi movies I happen to be watching (no matter when they were made).  And of course, I want to continue my activism for self-esteem and body positivity and I’m sure my love of planning & productivity will make it’s way into this blog as well.  But what I want to know is…what do YOU want me to write about?

If you could please use the form below to tell me what YOU WANT TO READ ABOUT.

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I have many interests I'd like to share with you, beyond just posts about my books. What would you most like to read about?