A Moon sisters Novel

Book Cover: Voodoo Moon
Part of the Paranorm World series:
  • Voodoo Moon

A sinister magic is sweeping across Nash City…

To Fiona Moon, it’s just another day at work. And some days, well, they’re a helluva lot worse than others. As a member of the elite Black Blade Guard, Fiona is tasked with hunting down the most-dangerous Paranorm criminals. To find out who is kidnapping mages and sucking the life energy from their bodies, she has to work with the one man that embodies everything she despises.

Master Necromancer Ian Barroes, a rich professor of Necromantic Studies, wants only one thing in this world… Fiona.

They each hold secrets that could destroy them, but that could also be the key to destroying the evil Voodoo priest, Bokor. They must learn to trust each other and track down Bokor before more innocent lives are lost. When Fiona becomes a target of the evil madman, she is lured into his trap. Now, she and Ian have to fight for survival… and their very souls.


Reviews:Missy on Missy Devours Delish Reads wrote:

If I could describe in 3 words right now~ truly epic heroine!

Amber on The Wonderings of One Person Blog wrote:

If you enjoy a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat while pulling your heart in with each captivating word and breathtaking character, then look no further.

Cara on Smile Somebody Loves You Book Blog wrote:

Here’s everything I love in a book: Post-Apocalyptical, paranormal beings, magic, mystery, and of course, romance. Add to that soul-sucking beasts, zombies, and missing persons and you get one heck of a story.

Michelle on Book Talk Reviews wrote:

This book was so good! I really enjoyed all the characters in the story and even the bad guy. I also enjoyed all the fighting and action, as well as the romance. It was in great detail and I couldn’t get enough.